Links: Graves, UFOs, Cosmic Horror

A collection of links to amuse you over the weekend.

101 Ways to Say “Died”: A collection of quotes (and images!) of the euphemisms for “death” used on early American tombstones. Get inspiration for your own journey to the “Summer Land.”

Keep watching the skis! Uh, skies.

Keep watching the skis! Uh, skies.

Spotters’ Guide to UFOs, 1967: I love this collection of UFO typologies. There’s something bizarre and fascinating about this kind of American marginalia.

Book Riot’s Limited Edition Read More Books T-shirt: Yep. I ordered one. Surprise.

Robert W. Chamers: Sentimental Horrification: Michael Dirda writes a spoiler-free introduction to the author of The King in Yellow, inspiration for HBO’s True Detective.

Terra Incognita: The Paradoxical History of Cosmic Horror, from Lovecraft to Ligotti: Mike Mariani explores the origins of “cosmic horror” and its ongoing appeal. “For them and us, the cosmic ecstasy was always hidden in the horror. The imagination, weaned on a materialistic civilization and thoroughly disillusioned with it, yearns for that sublime unknown.”

Speakers of Truth

You got me...

You got me…

That's what I'm going for!

That’s what I’m going for!

While we’re at it, you should visit From Couch to Moon.

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