About Books, Brains and Beer

About this blog

Reviews, news, and amateur musings on speculative fiction (read: fantasy and sci-fi).

Why “Books, Brains and Beer”?

“Books, Brains and Beer” is a tongue-in-cheek homage to advertising giant David Ogilvy’s memoir Blood, Brains and Beer, of which I own an inscribed copy. I inherited the book from my grandfather, who received it from Ogilvy in return for repairing his rocking chair. Family stories like this are important to me.

Also, it’s a fun name for a blog.


9 thoughts on “About Books, Brains and Beer

      1. Rabindranauth

        They’re pointless, but a decent way to help raise awareness for some of the blogs I like; only reason I do em 😀

  1. annabelsmith

    What a great gift – something handed down that comes with a story, and started a new story. I found you through Goodreads – have been looking for some blogs that review good quality spec fic so I’m looking forward to following.

    1. booksbrainsandbeer Post author

      My mom used the original book as decor, and seeing it every day seared the title into my brain (eventually inspiring this blog). Following back and looking forward to keeping up with you.


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